What is BlueStylo?

BlueStylo provides multilingual style guideline compliance across your organization.

Never lose your voice

Easy style compliance for corporate communications.

Tailored to your brand

Better quality copy without compromising workflow.

Hit all the right notes

Review company-wide communications automatically.

What does BlueStylo do?

BlueStylo provides on-brand style and tone-of-voice guidance as you type.

  • 1
    Keep branding consistent across all marketing and communications channels.
  • 2
    Improve social media performance with faster, better quality posting.
  • 3
    Regulate customer service manner without it sounding scripted and sterile.
  • 4
    Monitor and improve employees' style compliance with personalized metrics.
  • 5
    Enhance the clarity and effectiveness of internal emails and presentations.
How does BlueStylo work?

Submit text via the BlueStylo plugin and receive instant feedback on style manual compliance.

Tailored to your brand voice

BlueStylo is customized through consultation, meaning your company's software is as unique as its house style guide and perfectly suited to your needs.

Instant yet unobtrusive feedback

BlueStylo provides style and tone-of-voice guidance in real-time. Simply click on the highlighted text when you're ready for feedback and review the pop-up window.

Easy to launch, easy to learn

BlueStylo integrates seamlessly with all common workflow applications, requiring no login or special training. If you can use a spellcheck, you can use BlueStylo.

Reader-specific filtersets

Consistency shouldn’t rule out flexibility. With BlueStylo you can define separate guidelines for different audiences, from social media followers to potential investors.

Multilingual by design

BlueStylo supports over 15 different languages, so you don't have to compromise your brand voice when expanding into new markets.

What does BlueStylo cost?

BlueStylo is available on a pay-per-user licensing model. Simply fill out the form below and we'll contact you with a quote.

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